Cga canada external auditing au1 examination june

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I was the Audit Supervisor, responsible for audit planning, reviews and completion procedures including drafting of financial statements for external purposes, and conducting and reporting on internal audits.

My client profile includes educational institutions, mining companies, ICT-related companies, Non-government organizations and others.

View Notes - au1j08 from COMPUTER at National Midwifery Institute. CGA-CANADA EXTERNAL AUDITING [AU1] EXAMINATION June Marks 30 Time:.

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CGA-CANADA EXTERNAL AUDITING [AU1] EXAMINATION June SUGGESTED SOLUTIONS Marks Time: 3 Hours 30 Question 1 Note: 2 marks each Sources: a. 3) Topic (Level 1) b. 4) Topic (Level 1) c.

Auditing, reviewing and certifying occupational safety and health management systems

2) Topic (Level 1) d. 2) Topic (Level 1) e. 1) Topic (Level 1) f. 3) Topic (Level 1) g. 1) Topic (Level 1) h. In the June exam, question 5(c) required candidates to: ‘Explain the audit procedures that the auditor of Medimade should perform in assessing whether or not the company is a going concern.’.

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Association in Nationally, he served on the CGA-Canada Board of Directors from as well as on the CGA-Canada Executive Committee.

The Uncharted Territory of Auditing an Organization’s Culture June 21,p.

Cga canada external auditing au1 examination june
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