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Not close because of some simplistic notion that Herodotus deserved telling fanciful lies while Thucydides pioneered the end of the objective historian. This paper examines Herodotus' use of words of the ἀνάγκη family in order to determine which external or internal constraints the historian represents as affecting the causality of events.


M. J.W. (ed.), Conflict, Antithesis and the Ancient Historians (Columbus, OH) Fowler. Does the role Herodotus attributes to language reinforce or undermine the authoritative Greek-barbarian antithesis of contemporary thought?

The Histories resound with many different discourses in the voices of the narrator-historian, the narrator-ethnographer, characters, ethnographic subjects, and sources.

HERODOTUS. vii. XERXES ACCORDING TO HERODOTUS. Bad advisors. The young king inherited a solid empire, which was greater than any before in history. Subsequent events come under the curse of the great war of the years andwhich Herodotus describes as an immense struggle and to which he devotes a third of his work.


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Herodotus–the earliest of historians (– B. C.) in his writings on the ancient east, also indicates, here and there, certain borderlines between countries. Herodotus, on the other hand, is seen as the ‘sensational historian’, relying on a blend of oral accounts, gossip, myths, rumors, and synthesizing it with his own view of the events, allowing the reader to make of it what they will.

He is seen as the antithesis of what it is to be a. Jonas Grethlein in particular has recognized that while the Greek-Barbarian antithesis can be identified throughout Classical Greek literature, including Herodotus’ Histories, that antithesis is often unstable, frequently undermined, and not always used to cast the “other” in a pejorative light.

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Herodotus antithesis
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