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Expert Answers Ashley Kannan Certified Shock While "Kabuliwala" shows how time can think relationships, the story also shows the personal strength of human beings.

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Kabuliwala (short story)

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Rabindranath Tagore’s story Kabuliwala, set in the early twentieth century Kolkata, is about a little girl Mini and a Kabuliwala exploring the bonds of friendship, affection and parting transcending the borders of race, religion and language.

God lives in the Panch by Munshi Premchand (ICSE NOTES) tells and proves us that justice neither looks friend nor enemies and it is unique. An Approach to ICSE English provides a platform to contribute, discuss and comment on the various issues related to the study and practice of English for the students and teachers of ICSE syllabus.

Summary: The cabuliwallah is from Kabul. His real name is Abdur Rahman. He works as a peddler in India. He goes to Kabul once a year to visit his wife and. A figure of speech occurs when a word or group of words have a meaning beyond the literal.

In the case of Tagori's poem, figures of speech include the following metaphors and personifications. Kabuliwala is a short story written by Rabindranath Tagore. It is a story which deals with Kabuliwala(Abdul Rehman Khan) and his customer Mini.

Kabuliwala is basically a hawker who comes to Calcutta from Afganistan.

Kabuliwala notes
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