Load sheeding

Intelligent Load Shedding

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Rolling blackout

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What are facts about load shedding?

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An alternative to load shedding is on-site generation of electricity to supplement the power grid. Under conditions of tight electricity supply, demand response can significantly decrease the peak price and, in general, electricity price volatility.

Load shedding – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) 1. What is load shedding? Load shedding is a measure of last resort to prevent the collapse of the power. Intelligent Load Shedding provides fast and proactive load shedding based on actual operating conditions of the system, such as type and location of the disturbance.

A rolling blackout, also referred to as rotational load shedding or feeder rotation, is an intentionally engineered electrical power shutdown where electricity delivery is stopped for non-overlapping periods of time over different parts of the distribution region. Technologies are available, and more are under development, to automate the process of demand response.

Such technologies detect the need for load shedding, communicate the demand to participating users, automate load shedding, and verify compliance with demand-response programs.

LOAD MANAGEMENT DONE RIGHT The CX Series Load Management panel with latching relays is an universal load shedding system that works with ANY generator or transfer switch in managing 4 circuits from 20 to Amps each and up to 2 HVAC systems using low voltage circuits.

Load sheeding
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