Physics thermistor coursework

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Homework Help: Using thermistors as thermometers - Coursework

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Physics Coursework

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Feb 05,  · GCSE Physics Thermistor ISA?

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I'm doing my Physics ISA on Monday (in 2 days) about the affect of temperature on the resistance of a thermistor and I've been planning the type of answers to write for the questions but Status: Resolved.

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Resources: Page numbers refer to your Advancing Physics textbook, codes to the to Advanced Level Physics and Physics Foundation Unit are available from your teacher. temperature coefficient (NTC) thermistor connected in a potential divider with a kO resistor.

The voltage across the thermistor is measured and the temperature derived from this. 1 The thermistor is made from a mixture of metal oxides such as copper, manganese and nickel; it is a semiconductor.

As the temperature of the thermistor rises, so does the conductance. As the temperature of the thermistor rises, so does the conductance. National 5 Physics – develop an understanding of the role of physics in scientific issues and relevant applications of physics in society and the environment.

Physics thermistor coursework
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