Who is anna hazare

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Anna Hazare

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Who is Anna Hazare Image source: courtesy flickr In the past few years we have seen a lot of incidents of scams, frauds, corruption, etc which has not only spoiled the image of India but also eroded lakhs of crores of rupees, which is astronomical by any measure.

The Indian anti-corruption movement, commencing inwas a series of demonstrations and protests across India intended to establish strong legislation and enforcement against perceived endemic political corruption.

The movement was named among the "Top 10 News Stories of " by Time magazine. The movement gained momentum from 5 Aprilwhen anti-corruption activist Anna Hazare. 1. Who is Anna Hazare?

– An ex-army man.

2011 Indian anti-corruption movement

Fought Indo-Pak War. 2. What’s so special about him? – He built a village Ralegaon Siddhi in Ahamad Nagar district, Maharashtra. 3. So what? – This village is a self-sustained model village. Energy is produced in. Anna Hazare is one of India's well-acclaimed social activists. A former soldier in the Indian army, Anna is well known and respected for upgrading the ecology and economy of the village of Ralegan Siddhi which is located in the drought prone Ahmednagar district of Maharashtra state.

Kisan Baburao Hazare (pronunciation (help · info); born 15 June ), popularly known as Anna Hazare (pronunciation (help · info)), is an Indian social activist who led movements to promote rural development, increase government transparency, and investigate and punish corruption in public life.

Anna Hazare is an individual – let us not make the mistak of investing in individuals – it is a Judo-Chritian concept. The Indian Genius way has always been to focus on the movements, ideas, institutions, works – but never individuals.

Who is anna hazare
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